Our Privacy Policy

Derbyshire Country Cottages is a partnership owned by Christine Hodgson and Sylvia Stimson that is accredited by the Visit England Tourism Board and based at:

90, Cavendish Road, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3HD. Telephone: 01629 583545. Email: enquiries@derbyshirecountrycottages.co.uk

As a small family run cottage agency we are committed to protecting your privacy and we are responsible for the collection and proper management of any personal information you give to us.

This policy sets out what information we collect, how we collect it, what we do with it and how we protect your information.

For holidaymakers - we only collect information which you give to us when requesting a brochure or other information, when you enquire about the availability of cottages, or when you make a booking.

We will collect this information by phone when you telephone us, by email when you message us, via the online booking or ‘contact us’ facility on our website or when you write to us.

To enable us to process your request effectively the information is likely to include, as relevant to your enquiry, your name, age, postal address, email address, contact telephone numbers, payment details, the names and ages of other members of the holiday party and any special needs that members of the party may have.

You are responsible for ensuring that the other members of the holiday party are aware of the content of this policy and consent to you acting on their behalf.

We keep a record of your non financial information so that we know your booking history. This helps us to offer advice on suitable alternative cottages, discounts or other incentives if in the future you make repeat enquiries or bookings.

We will pass on your non financial information to cottage owners/caretakers so that they can effectively manage your booking and ensure the cottage meets you stated requirements. We will not provide your information to any other person or organisation without your express permission. 

We do not keep a record of your financial information that you give us when making a booking whether you are paying the initial deposit, balance of full amount.

Only if we have your positive consent will we use your information to inform you of special offers or send you future marketing materials. We will ask you to indicate your positive consent in response to questions by our staff or by you ticking ‘accept boxes’.

If you make contact with us or make a booking of one of our cottages via another linked website such as Love cottages or HomeAway you should make sure that you are comfortable with their privacy policies and security arrangements. This policy only applies to our website and agency procedures.    

For cottage owners - we only collect information which you supply to us when we are discussing potential holiday cottages, discussing the possibility of letting your particular cottage or when we are letting it within the agency.

We will collect this information by talking to you face to face, by phone when you telephone us, by email when you message us, via the online ‘contact us’ facility on our website or when you write to us.

To enable us to respond effectively to your enquiry, or to manage the letting of your cottage within the agency, the information is likely to include, as relevant to the activity, your name, postal address, email address, contact telephone numbers and bank payment details.

We keep a record of your information to fulfil your enquiry over time or to manage your cottage whilst it is within the agency. Once this activity has ceased we delete your information.

We will only pass your information on to holidaymakers to facilitate their booking and occupancy of your cottage.

We will only pass on your information to trades people who with your consent we are asking to do maintenance/repairs to the cottage provided that in an emergency we may need to act without your consent if we cannot contact you.

We will not use your information to make subsequent contact with you to facilitate future marketing of our services without your express permission.

For caretakers/ cleaners – we only collect information given to us by yourself or the cottage owner who is employing you. This is likely just to include your name, contact address email address, and bank details if we are paying you. If you cease to look after the cottage we will delete the information.

Security – we take the security of your information very seriously and have the following measures in place:

We are a Visit England tourist board accredited agency with regular inspection of our practices and procedures

 All our small team of staff know the general data protection requirements.

 We keep no paper records of your information

We have a secure https website managed and hosted  by a reputable agency

Our systems are protected by Sophos Central Endpoint Protection and Intercept X software.

All your information is held on the TABs secure booking system that complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

All booking payments are handled by World Pay and we are accredited to Payment Card Industry DSS standards

All owner and caretaker payments are handled by the Royal Bank of Scotland secure online banking processes.


You have a right to ask in writing at any time, to the address above, for a copy of your personal information we have on record, to request a change to the information or to require it to be deleted.

Your information will be updated whenever we get the opportunity to keep it current, accurate and complete.

Any changes to this policy will be posted on our web-site.


If you are dissatisfied with our privacy policies or procedures you have the right to raise concerns with The UK Information Commissioner : https://ico.org.uk