Cancellation Protection Scheme


Holidaymakers making bookings from outside the UK are advised to make alternative arrangements to ensure they have cancellation protection.

If, after you have booked and paid for your holiday you find that you cannot take it for the reasons that are set out below we will normally, but at our absolute discretion, refund all money paid for the booking less the booking fee and a handling charge of £20.

Circumstances where a refund may be possible for bookings made directly with Derbyshire Country Cottages:

Death, serious illness, serious injury or compulsory quarantine of you or any member of your travelling party named on the booking or of any *relative or **close business associate (see definitions below), excluding pets.

Disorganisation or disruption of any UK mainland public transport service due to strike, lock out, riot or civil commotion on which you rely to reach your holiday home. Tickets required as proof of claim.

You or any member of your travelling party being required to undertake jury service or appear as a witness at a court of law providing you have had your written request for an alternative date refused.

Police requiring the presence of you or any member of your travelling party following fire or theft at your home or place of business.

Accidental damage to your or any member of your travelling party’s home, occurring within 14 days of the planned departure date for the holiday and rendering the home uninhabitable.

You or any member of your travelling party receiving notification of redundancy within two months of the holiday start date, which qualifies for statutory payment under current legislation.

* Spouse, partner, child, parent, parent in law, brother, sister or fiancé (e)
** Co-Director or Business Partner

Circumstances where a refund will not be possible:

Any recurring, chronic or continuing illness or condition and pre-existing medical conditions or injuries.

Pregnancy or giving birth when the expected date of birth is within two months of the start of your holiday.

Epidemic or pandemic as declared by the World Health Organisation, Department of Health or DEFRA.

Suicide or attempted suicide.

Drug addiction or alcoholism.

Failing to follow proper medical advice.

Certain hazardous sports or pastimes (definition available on request).

Travelling against medical advice.

Divorce, separation or personal relationship breakdown.

The decision of Derbyshire Country Cottages will be final in all cases.

If you do need to cancel your holiday, please telephone Derbyshire Country Cottages immediately on 01629 583545 and follow this up by writing, within 5 days, to Derbyshire Country Cottages, 90 Cavendish Road, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3HD.

In all other cases, we will endeavour to re-let the booking and if successful will normally consider a goodwill refund of the cost of the holiday less the booking fee and a handling charge of £20. If we are not successful in re-letting the booking the holiday cost remains payable in full.