Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

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Can I make a booking with you?

We are currently not accepting bookings with a start date before 4 June 2020. You can make a booking with us for after this date if you wish to.

I have an upcoming booking; can I still go? 

Every holidaymaker should follow the latest government advice for their own personal circumstances before deciding to travel. We strongly advise against travel prior to 30th April. However, this remains your decision. If your booking is beyond this date, we recommend reviewing the latest government advice before deciding to travel.

Can I speak to somebody about my holiday/property? 

We are happy to speak with you regarding your holiday/property. However, the Coronavirus situation means we are currently experiencing extremely high call volumes so we ask you to please bear with us during this time. We want to help as many holidaymakers as possible but if your booking starts more than 21 days from now we would ask you to email rather than call us so we can respond to requests in a prioritised manner based on the immediacy of the holidays.

What happens if I want to cancel because I am worried about catching Coronavirus? 

Your contract does not allow any refunds, but we shall do our best to help as much as we can in terms of offering a fee-free change of dates (please note: these would be at the discretion of the cottage owner). You will need to check your travel insurance as to whether you would be covered for cancelling your holiday. Please remember that balance payments are not due until 8 weeks prior to travel and as such we recommend you wait and see what the situation is at that point in time rather than cancelling your holiday now.

What happens if I need to cancel my holiday because I catch Coronavirus or, I do not catch Coronavirus but have to cancel my holiday because I have to self-isolate or I am advised not to travel by a medical practitioner?

We would do our best to help as much as we could in terms of offering a fee-free change of dates (please note: date changes can only be done with the consent of the cottage owner; any increase in holiday cost will be charged, with any decrease in the holiday cost being refunded). If, however a change of dates cannot be accommodated, you will need to check your travel insurance as to whether this would be covered. Your contract does not allow any refunds.

What happens if I or one of my party feels unwell during my stay?

If you or a member of your party shows symptoms that could be related to Coronavirus you must follow the standard NHS guidance found at: In addition, please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you. 

Can you guarantee the properties have been appropriately cleaned?

Whilst it is not possible to guarantee that cottages are free from infection, all cottages are cleaned and maintained to a high standard, and we have guided our cottage owners and cleaners to take extra measures in this regard, during the pandemic.

Will you check with the cottage owner whether they will allow us to change our booking to later in the year or to next year?  

We are very happy to do this. However whether they would be prepared to do so or not is entirely at their discretion. In the event the owner is happy for your holiday date to be moved, we will waive our normal administration fees. Please note that any increase in holiday cost will be charged, with any decrease in the holiday cost being refunded.

Changing your booking...

If you have a holiday with us which is due to start in the next four weeks and you would like to transfer this holiday to another time or cancel your booking, please email us with your amendment request. Once received we will get back to you as soon as possible.   

Please note: we are currently receiving a high volume of phone calls. Rather than sit in a long queue, we recommend you just email us with your request which will be dealt with in priority order depending on when your holiday is due to start.

If your holiday is more than 4 weeks away, we will keep updating our FAQs pages to provide the most useful information. Please review these regularly. 


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